About DmhFitness

DmhFitness is owned and operated by Fitness Professional and Entrepreneur Dillon Hunt. Dillon's professional background is in Exercise Science and Coaching. He went to college at the University of North Carolina at Pembroke. He Earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Exercise Science, and he played division II football for 4 years. He also has a great athletic background. Dillon is skilled in performance training, body building, powerlifting, and nutrition.

His heaviest recorded body weight was 230lbs. He knew he wasn't happy with the way he felt or looked so he decided to make a change he always knew what he wanted his body to look like. He always knew that he had the potential to have a great physique. What he lacked was the Mindset and the discipline to reach his goal. Once he dialed in his mindset and discipline he was able to go from 230lbs to 186lbs!

He gained his experience of training and diet from college football, from being around people involved in the bodybuilding/coaching industry, and from his own personal research. His goal was to take all his experience, knowledge, and expertise and put it on display so that he can help as many people as possible change their lives and reach their fitness goals!