Build Muscle Program Vol. 1

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The Build Muscle Program is a 5-day training split designed to build and increase lean muscle mass using DmhFitness’ personal methods. By increasing the amount of lean muscle mass that you have, the body’s metabolism will also increase, this will further help to transform your body composition. No matter where you are in your fitness journey from beginner to advanced, you will be able to benefit from this program. It is possibly the most effective strength training routine you could put your body through. This is a 5-day workout routine that you can use to meet your own strength training targets and bodybuilding goals.


Here are major benefits of the build muscle routine:

  • Target specific muscle groups to train each day
  • Optimize your workout and recovery times
  • Build bigger muscles, faster and more efficiently
  • Burn more calories and shred more fat than 2-day or 3-day split routines
  • Drastically improve your metabolism, to continue burning calories long after your workout has ended
  • Create a focused, target driven exercise schedule that produces results
  • Improve your body shape and improve your mental health


This program will require access to a gym and free weights


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